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CFCF-TV News - Montreal, Quebec
(Lineturf was formerly sold as Permaline)

• Paint / Chalk : Material Purchases and Disposal Costs
• Machinery Capital Costs
• Fewer Machinery Repairs and Maintenance Costs
• Less Labor Costs
• No Storage of Flammables: Paint, Gasoline etc...
No Toxins Seeping into Water Table/Waste Water Systems
Less Prep Time for Grounds Keepers or Playing Games
No Support Calls Due to Poorly Lined Fields
Less work = More new projects can be started...
...and more !
Our unique patented system makes athletic field marking with paint and/or chalk a thing of the past!
• Environment friendly product - and its recyclable too!
• No more paint or chalk on athletic fields
• No more paint equipment & messy clean ups
• Patented product with 8 year warranty
• One time install - life expectancy 10 years or more
• Grounds maintenance made easier and less costly
• Permanent lines on baseball, soccer and football fields
• Frees up your ground crews time for other projects

Download our info sheet (PDF)      Download our brochure (PDF)

You will need some comparative information of some items in the marking paint to be provided to you prior to purchase:
White Marking Paint generally contains: Titanium Dioxide, Calcium Carbonate, Vinyl Acrylic Resin, Glycol, Water and other necessary Additives such as Pigmentation. Vehicle Solid Percentage by Weight, solid Percentage by Volume and No less than 50% Weight Solids with no more than 1.2% Volume VOC and No less than 11.9 lbs. Weight Per Gallon is Between 110-115 lbs. Viscosity, KU, Up to 4 to 1. Reduction is normally easily accomplished by adding water and by simple manual agitation. A mechanical mixer is not required. Color is Bright White and paint is normally provided in 5 gallon buckets. You also need a line painting machine too.

Here's the real kicker:

With LINETURF you will never have to make sure you need to know or understand any of this paint stuff listed above or even if any of these items are contained in a paint. You won't need to mark the fields with paint because you don't ever need to paint them if you mark your fields with LINETURF. Because LINETURF is a permanent solution, your markings on natural grass sports fields will not need constant maintenance or continuing re-applications of paint. Not painting the fields not only saves you money in supplies and labor, it also helps save the environment because you are not continually putting chemicals on your grass or washing your painting equipment with water and flushing the effluent into the local sewage system. That is not to mention what may become of any leftover unused paint.

We have distributors in these areas:

  • PENNSYLVANIA (West of I-81)

We are looking for Dealers and Installers. Please contact us for more information.

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