LINETURF Customers say....

The best college baseball players in Canada came to Gary Carter Field on October 23-26, 2014 for the Canadian Intercollegiate Baseball Association national tournament for a 3 day event in the City of Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec. Gary Carter Field is the home field for McGill University and Concordia University.

Côte Saint-Luc loves baseball and we take pride in having arguably the best municipal baseball field in Quebec,” Mayor Anthony Housefather said. “Côte Saint-Luc welcomes the players, coaches, and families.”

Mayor Anthony Housefather, Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec
"We really like LINETURF, we don't have to have a contractor painters come in and paint the lines for us anymore also we can mow right over LINETURF and it does not affect the lines."

Gary, Head Grounds Keeper, California
"They are wonderful. I love them!! We followed the manual pretty well. Therefore installation went pretty smoothly. By following the manual and the extra info I was giving installation was very easy. From start to finish, with 5 people working on this project, we installed 220ft of LineTurf in 4 hours. One thing that we learned was that dry sand is a MUST."  

South Carolina, USA
"We are very pleased with LINETURF. Its a better use of public funds. Thanks for the great work you have done in our city over the past years."

Borough of St-Laurent (Montreal), Quebec, Canada
"Thank you LINETURF for saving us so much money."

Kyle Rhodus, MWR Athletic Director - Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan
"Thanks for everything; LINETURF looks great on the field."

Mark E. Haley, Sports Director- MWR Sasebo, Japan
"As per our conversation of a few months ago, we have received many positive comments of LINETURF from different cities and all our pleased with your permanent lines. We confirm that your lines are accepted on our Soccer Federation fields.

It is evident that there is a saving installing your lines and we thrust that all fields will be maintained properly to see that all participants play safe and stay in the standards of the game."

Fédération de Baseball-Soccer du Québec (Quebec Baseball-Soccer Federation)

"Since more than 10 years now that we have being purchasing your LINETURF product. Presently we have 15 soccer fields and 3 baseball fields fully lined with LINETURF. It is evident that we do not have to paint our lines anymore, which is a great savings for us. Certainly we have some maintenance like any other products on fields but with your help on showing us how to maintain our fields we find it quite easy to do. We find it a great advantage with your new referee lines and find that this new line has also saved us lots of extra work and is saving us lots of time to maintain our field in these areas. Lines will last over 10 years well maintained.

We made this choice and we will purchase lines for all new fields we do each year, lines stay white all season day and night. We mow right over LINETURF with no repairs of the lines on our fields.
Hope this will help you out for new clients, thank you for all your help and service."

Director of Parks - City of Granby, Quebec, Canada

LINETURF Installations (abridged)

USA do yourself installaions: MD, RI, OH (Carl Ripken field), IN, FL, SC, RI, MA, AL, TN, WI, IL, MN, CA (11 baseball fields in Burbank), AZ, NV, N.Y (Cooperstown All Star Village, N.Y.), (US Air Force base) and (US Army base)

Canadian installations: Canadian Air Force bases, and the (Canada Games 2013) in Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, (Fastball championships) Alberta, British Columbia.

Europe installations: UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Ireland, Japan (US Army base), Belgium and many other areas.

Our lines are also approved by FIFA for soccer fields on natural grass fields since june 2017